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I'm sorta, kinda, almost a Cake Wrecks Celebrity! OK, I'm not, but a friend of mine is!

Posted on April 2, 2012 at 9:30 AM

I have shared posts before from the funny web site, Cake Wrecks. It is not intended to poke fun not at the parents and grandparents who lovingly make  home made cakes for their family. It is composed of images sent in by fans who  paid good money for someone to make a cake for them and it came out horribly, hilariously wrong. It is a cake decorator's worst fear to be highlighted on this web site.

Except....on Sunday Sweets! On Sunday, Cake Wrecks turns into a page where decorators like myself sigh in awe and joy, and wish that they can someday have half the talent that these people have in just their little finger. The works submitted for  Sunday Sweets always amaze me, as there is such a fantastic attention to detail. or the internal support structure involved seems to disprove the laws of physics.

I can't give you the link yet, or else you will get sucked into reading Cake Wrecks for the next 2 hours & you won't read my convoluted claim to fame.

This week's edition will be the closest I will ever come to being highlighted in Sunday Sweets. It is a very far, unrealistic stretch, and you have to use your imagination and the 6 degrees of separation  theory, but I'm claiming it, darn it. While fighting to legalize selling home made baked goods in Texas, I have had the opportunity to meet other cake decorators from all across the state. It has mostly been through Facebook correspondence, but you know how that works - you sometimes get to know them better than the person who lives across the street from you. My friend and fellow Texas Bakers Bill supporter Lise of Cake Doctor (she has a Ph. D., in addition to doing beautiful sugar work) has been highlighted in Sunday Sweets!   She did the pop-up book from the Wizard of Oz.. This is not her one- time-best-piece of work; she does terrific cakes like this all of the time. Make sure you check out her web site and follow her on Facebook so you can enjoy frequent pieces of eye cake from her. Or better yet, if you live in the Central Texas area, you could order a cake from her for yourself. 

Congratulations, Lise! I'm glad that you are getting the recognition that you deserve!  Click here to see her fabulous Wizard of Oz cake.  

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