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Business Questions

  1. How much are your cakes?

    This is the most frequently asked question, but one that does not have a cut-n-dry answer! It depends upon the design. Since the cakes are custom made for the client's needs, the answer is different every single time.  The use of fondant, accent pieces, internal support structures, and the time involved all have to be considered.

    The best way to find out how much your cake would cost is to contact me and let me calculate it. However, if you want to calculate your own rough estimate to see if your vision fits your budget, you can multiply the base price times the number of servings you need for your event.

    Example:   for a Party Cake for 25 people with buttercream icing, $3 * 25 = $75 would be your approximate starting price. This does not apply to sculpted, 2D, or 3D cakes, as those are priced per project, not per serving. 

  2. Why do I have to put down money just to place my order?

    For a more thorough explanation, check out this article from Cater It Simple

    Or, here is my version: When I tell someone I will make a product for their event, that means I will have to turn down business from future inquiries for that date. Should you change your mind, revise your budget, change your date, etc. and cancel your booking, I have lost money. Not just from the cancelling of your project, but the other projects I turned down for that date as well.

    The retainer money is used toward a portion of the costs of supplies and ingredients for your cake. I may have to travel out of town to purchase them, or order them online, and that has to be done weeks before your event so that it arrives in time to be used for your cake.

    No cake design drawings will be made, and you are not guaranteed a cake for that date until the retainer has been paid. After  a quote is given to you, you have 2 calendar days to respond. After the 2 calendar days, the quote is no longer valid. Please keep in mind that another client may book your desired date in the interim, so please send in your retainer as soon as possible.

    Just to be clear - there is NO CHARGE to fill out the worksheet TO REQUEST A QUOTE! The retainer is to keep someone from taking your desired spot on the calendar.

    If we need to do a credit card transaction, we may discuss in an email our plans on how we will do the transaction, but I will never ask for your credit card or banking information on this site or in an email. Watch out for those scammers!

  3. What are your hours?

    Hours are by appointment only.

  4. Do you deliver?

    Yes. In fact, many times delivery is recommended for tiered or sculpted cakes so that your item can arrive to your venue safely and any minor damages could be repaired on site. Delivery is charged per mile outside of a 5 mile radius of DH Cakes. Route will be chosen according to safest transportation of the product (those bumpy country back roads may be faster, but rough on cake!) and mileage will be calculated using Google Maps.

  5. I want to just pick up the cake myself. Is that OK?

    I recommend delivery on any large, 3D cake, or tiered cakes.  However, if you choose to pick up your cake, please keep the following in mind:


    Any time you pick up a cake, it is always a good idea to have a large flat area in your vehicle dedicated for transporting the cake.  Putting cakes on people’s laps, in the trunk, or on the seat of your car is NEVER recommended. The floor of your car is often the best place for putting a cake. For full sheet or tiered cakes, you should make arrangements to pick up your cake in an SUV or van. If possible, bring a friend to help. Drive slowly, and keep your car COLD. Speeding, going over bumps, fast turns, slamming on the brakes, keeping it in the car either for storage or while running other errands can cause damage to the icing or the internal support integrity. Once a cake has been picked up by you or a designated party it is considered  accepted and  all products are the responsibility of the customer once it leaves DH Cakes. 

  6. How far in advance do I need to order?

    At least two weeks notice is preferred, but as much advanced notice as possible, please! I may have to travel out of town or order items online for your project. In order to give your custom confections the attention they deserve and still keep up with family and work obligations, there is a limit to the number of projects I can take on per week. My regular customers have learned to contact me early to lock in their prefered date on my calendar. Most of them book me up to 2 months in advance, even if they don't know their party theme. As the date of their event draws nearer, we figure out the design, number of servings needed, flavors, etc. Please contact me as soon as you know the date of your event so that you can pay your retainer and save your spot on the cake calendar. 

  7. Do you provide tastings?

    I bake to order, meaning I do not keep items in a freezer or in a display case for tasting samples. If you would like to try a flavor before placing a large order, I would recommend you place an order for cupcakes. 

  8. I want to order a cake, but I can't find your phone number.

    Custom designed cakes require more details than just the flavor and number of servings! There are several points that need to be addressed, and sometimes you need a few minutes to figure out your answers. There is a quote request form availble on this web site, and you can fill it out at your convenience at any time day or night rather than play telephone tag.  That also gives me a chance to focus and give your order the full attention you deserve. (You know what happens whenever a mom tries to make a phone call - monkeys start swinging on chandeliers!) I do a lot of my sugar work & paper work very late at night when all of my interruptions are in bed. It is a nice quiet time, and I can get a lot accomplished, but it is not so great for making phone calls.   If it is not an immediate event coming up, it is usually easiest to communicate with me via e-mail while we are discussing the design of the cake. Of course, if the event is quickly approaching or we need to get quick answers from each other, I’m all for telephone communication. I will make my numbers available to you during the first few emails we exchange.

  9. I need a cake for this weekend. Can you help me?

    Due to my work and family commitments, short notice (4-5 days) orders are usually not possible.  Unlike the grocery or big-box stores, I do not keep cakes in the freezer "on standby". All items are custom made to order the week of the event. 

  10. Can I rent a cupcake tower from you? How many cupcakes can it hold?

    Yes, it is available for rent, and it is adjustable to hold from a couple dozen to over a hundred cupcakes.

    A $50 security deposit is required for use of the tower. The customer will write this check separately from any other transactions. Once the tower is returned clean and undamaged by the specified date and time, the deposit check is returned to the customer.

    Coordinating ribbon, paper, or other trim may be attached to the boards using a temporary adhesive. Please do NOT use tacks, staples, or liquid glues (Elmers). The Dot Glue Runner by Ad tech has worked very well. The ½” wide ribbon fits nicely along the edges of the boards.

  11. Do you take payments?

    The ordering process already has a payment plan in place!  A $20 retainer is paid  to save your spot on the cake calendar, and that is applied toward your order. The balance is due upon delivery.  Orders over $100 require a 50% retainer, and the balance must be paid in full 14 days before your event. You may also pay with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

    If we need to do a credit card transaction, we may discuss in an email our plans on how we will do the transaction, but I will never ask for your credit card or banking information on this site or in an email. Watch out for those scammers!

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Cake Design Questions

  1. Have you ever done a ______________ cake?

    I hope I haven't made one....yet!  This is what is so fantastic about being a custom cake artist. I get to do new things all of the time rather than being locked into only designs available in a catalog. The inspiration comes from customer requests, so I never know what I'll be getting into for my next project.

  2. Do you use that "fon-don" stuff that we see on the cake shows? What is that stuff, anyway?

    It is called fondant, and yes, I use it at times.  It seems to be pronounced differently according to your location, and in south Texas you will most likely hear it pronounced  FAWN-dint.  

    Fondant is a rolled icing made from powdered sugar. It has a similar texture to Play-doh. It is used to cover cakes when we want an extremely smooth surface. I also use it frequently for details such as zebra stripes on buttercream iced cakes. Some people really like the sweet taste and others not so much. It can give quite a sugar rush, so some people choose to peel it off and eat it separately. The cakes have a coating of delicious buttercream icing underneath the fondant. Fondant can be homemade or purchased pre-made. I use both Satin Ice fondant and homemade.

  3. Fondant and gumpaste accents? What are those?

    The bows, baby booties, baby boots, animals & people are hand made and are made of various forms of sugar! If it is fondant, it is completely edible. If it is made with gumpaste, it is still safe to digest, but I wouldn’t recommend eating it, as it will be rather hard and small pieces may be a choking hazard for young children. With all the “safe” products we hear about on the news that are later discovered to contain unsafe chemical amounts, I like to know that there are not decorations that may be exposing lead or some other foreign substances into my cakes.

  4. Do you put photographs on the cakes?

    Yes! The product is called Edible Image. A printer uses food coloring cartridges to print an image on a sheet of icing.  Items can be scanned and then printed, but best results are obtained from a high resolution digital image. If you would like to use an image from a professional photgrapher, we MUST have permission from them - they hold the copyrights. It is not a difficult task to obtain permission, but it is required, and well, just the right thing to do since we would be using their work.  L-Ann Imaging of Victoria took the photo I used (with permission!) for  the Christmas cookies.

  5. We are having a bachelorette/bachelor party. Do you make naughty cakes?

    The adult in me has a great sense of humor and I have seen some really cool cakes that would be great for your event. However, the mom in me is saying "I can't do that with my two young boys around here!"    Sorry!

  6. Can you make a cake for me with my dietary restrictions?

    DH Cakes operates as a Texas Cottage Foods Producer, which means that the items are made in a home kitchen. While the equipment and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, common household foods such as flour and peanut butter are in our home. I can not guarantee that the baked goods are nut-free or gluten free. 

    If you know of someone in the Calhoun County area that makes vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, or guaranteed nut-free items, PLEASE send me an email to let me know! I have had a couple of requests, and would love to refer them to that baker. Even people with dietary restrictions should get to have cake, right?

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