Cupcakes Cupcakes First birthday celebration in Port Lavaca, Texas. Top little cake was the birthday girl's "smash cake". 166310105 Wedding reception in Port O'Connor, Texas 166310106 Multiple cupcake flavors were color coded. Tan: Orange Creamsicle. Black: Chocolate. Cammo: Chocolate/Vanilla Marble. Green: Vanilla 166310407 Baby shower in Blessing, Texas. Even the cupcake papers and the stand coordinated with the nursery items! 166310594 Back to school, time to hit the books! Although eating the books is a lot more fun. 166310595 Each little owl was different with its own little personality. The cupcake tree was built and customized to coordinate with the owl theme for the baby shower. 166311077 Owl-themed cupcake tree for a baby shower hosted at The Pumphouse Restaurant in Victoria, Texas. 166311358 166313163